About death

Anti-witch alarm system. “They say that the night-wandering demons, who rejoice in dunnest shades, at the crowing of the cock tremble and scatter in sore affright.” Prudentius.

One thing that I can not stand-maggots. So, I have found the horror queen of maggots-the bot fly. If you feel your breakfast has been digested properly, you are free to google it. I am so interested in the possibility that scares people the most-to be eaten by an animal or another human. The latter is quite understandable. But since we eat animals, why should’t they return the favor?

Did you know that if you die at home, most probably your house cat will eat you, starting with the soft tissue of your face and the finger tips.

My husband participated in a search of a missing person some time ago. It was an elderly lady that has been missing for two weeks. They found the body…and the head. In the woods. The scull was tens of meters away from the rest of the body and all clean, no flesh left. It got us wondering, what forest creatures did such a thorough work in just two weeks…

My first encounter with the third stage of death-rigor mortis was in Australia 7 years ago. We were driving through yet another road, flanked by eucalyptus when I saw a big kangaroo sort of sitting next to the road, suspended in a very peculiar pose. The one you see in the drawing.

The blue tit is one of the angriest, bravest little birds. It’s rather blood thirsty. When some other bird gets caught in the mist nets for banding, the blue tit will try to open that birds scull and peck it’s brain out. Talk about a vertical Swedish table!

We are like vampires, tapping the blood of the birches and maples. Year after year. Just a little, but still…

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